light impressions by vitali prokopenko
My Backyard (2018)

my backyard (2018)

Hawaiian Sun (2018)

hawaiian sun (2018)

Rolling Hills in Green

rolling hills in green

Rolling Hills in Yellow

rolling hills in yellow

Leaf Patterns

leaf patterns

One View - Many Looks #2

one view - many looks #2

Rampart Lakes

rampart lakes

Rolling Hills: Wheat

rolling hills: wheat

Kenai Fjords

kenai fjords

Rainier Wonderland (2018)

rainier wonderland (2018)



Olympic (2018)

olympic (2018)

Spring in Columbia Gorge

spring in columbia gorge

Spring in Skagit Valley

spring in skagit valley

The Canadian Rockies (2018)

the canadian rockies (2018)

Rain Shadow (2017)

rain shadow (2017)

Hawaiian Sun (2017)

hawaiian sun (2017)

One View - Many Looks #1

one view - many looks #1

Olympic (2017)

olympic (2017)

My Backyard (2017)

my backyard (2017)

Red Rock (2017)

red rock (2017)

Smokey Summer

smokey summer

Colors of Autumn

colors of autumn


Rain Shadow

rain shadow


Dream Worlds

dream worlds


Rolling Hills

rolling hills





Red Rock

red rock


Hawaiian Sun

hawaiian sun


Close Encounters

close encounters


Water in Motion

water in motion


Rainier Wonderland

rainier wonderland


Nature Mosaic

nature mosaic


Sierra Nevada

sierra nevada





The Canadian Rockies

the canadian rockies


Mono World

mono world